Fundador (Responsabilidad Social Corporativa, Transformación Digital, Formacion IT Certificada) Inversor Start ups

IMD Business School

RSC (Responsabilidad Social Corporativa)
Social Proyect of TIC,S www.conetados-sinbarreras.com
Automotive Sector 2 years of experience
I+D+I projects with PSA, BMW, Audi, etc.
International proyects (Romania, France and England)
Food Sector 4 years of experience
Management 250 persons
Coordination of new factory with investment 18 M €
Renewables Energy 4 years of experience
Managment proyects (Poland, England, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Jamaica, Chile, USA, Etc.)
First worlwide project with SKF (MSR) 150.000 €
Internacionalization of Pyme in Mexico
Customers (Iberdrola, Acciona, Enel Green Power, Grupo Cobra, Vestas, General Electric, EDP, etc.)
Legal Auditor (Perito Judicial) Traffic Accidents 6 years of experience.
Consultancy Training IT and E-Learning 5 years of experience-Actually
International Consultancy of Training and Business.
Consultancy Training Provider Global Wind Organazation (GWO). Customers in Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain and India.
Training Consultancy (reduce cost of training with methodology of elearning platform) LMS
Sells Management (CRM)
Increase 20 % sells and reduce 30 % comercial costs.

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